Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because…

I’ve got the following error message when users trying to login into their PCs.

‘Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer account was not found. Please try again later. If this message continues to appear, contact your network administrator for assistance.’

Obviously, I can not login to the PC using any of the domain user accounts.

First, you need to login to the computer using local administrator account.

Then, check if you can ping your domain controller.

If you can ping your domain controller the most probably Active Directory has been restored to a state when that PC has not been in the system yet or the PC has been reinstalled with the same name and it worked on cache for a while.

In that case right-click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’.

Select ‘Computer Name’ tab and press ‘Change’ button near To rename this computer, click Change.

Put the PC to any workgroup but do NOT reboot when prompted.

Then remove computer account from Active Directory on your domain controller(s).

After that rejoin your domain and reboot the computer.

It works for me I did not even lose user profiles.

Note: If you can not ping your domain controller check network connectivity first, IP configuration, etc.