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Jenkins jobs speed up

Running a test or build server’s database service in tmpfs do reduce build time.
If an application uses some service like MySQL or a file server building the application involves a lot of the relevant tests.
Most often the data for the tests is being seed every job run. If there are spare memory on the server it would reduce the job build/test time quite significantly if the service is running in tmpfs.
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SFTP chroot with write access

I used to use rssh to lock access to SCP/SFTP only for a set of specific users.
However, the latest versions of OpenSSH has build in ChrootDirectory directive but it might not be straight forward as wrong directory permissions would not let to connect and give the folowing error

Write failed: Broken pipe
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

This can be easily fixed.
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Raspberry Pi

Just before Christmas 2014 I got a Raspberry Pi B+ from Amazon just to see what is the all the buzz about. When I opened it I was impressed of the quality of the product even on visual evaluation. It is really pleasant to handle and work with.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the quality of the software available for Raspberry Pi. Raspbian is a full blown Linux distribution based on Debian distribution. It already has Continue reading

Disable 3G/2G Data transfer in Android 2.1

It was bugging me that my phone eats out my allowance all the time using data connection.
It did that even when I disabled applications background data transfer.

I was looking for a feature allowing to disable 3G and 2G data connections allowing WiFi only.
When I was buying the phone I thought there is a setting allowing to do that.
Unfortunately, there is not (or at least I could not find any).

However, there is a workaround using a hidden menu at least in Android 2.1 Continue reading