Raspberry Pi

Just before Christmas 2014 I got a Raspberry Pi B+ from Amazon just to see what is the all the buzz about. When I opened it I was impressed of the quality of the product even on visual evaluation. It is really pleasant to handle and work with.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the quality of the software available for Raspberry Pi. Raspbian is a full blown Linux distribution based on Debian distribution. It already has Continue reading

Wordress removing light yellow AdSencse placeholder background (or change it to any other color)

I added some AdSense placeholders to my we page and I like it but the light yellow place holders are a bit annoying. It is really easy to remove or change.

In WordPress log in as an administrator and select Appearance -> Editor

Then open style.css and find ins entry. It might look like

Continue reading

Disable 3G/2G Data transfer in Android 2.1

It was bugging me that my phone eats out my allowance all the time using data connection.
It did that even when I disabled applications background data transfer.

I was looking for a feature allowing to disable 3G and 2G data connections allowing WiFi only.
When I was buying the phone I thought there is a setting allowing to do that.
Unfortunately, there is not (or at least I could not find any).

However, there is a workaround using a hidden menu at least in Android 2.1 Continue reading

Exchange Server messages disappearence

Another story from the mystery category. A Microsoft Small Business Server has been moved from one premises to another twice in the last two weeks. The first time the server was moved and the users confirmed that the server is up and running and all the services working fine. The main service of the server is Microsoft Exchange.

Two days later the user report they can not connect to the server. The server hanged. No response to the keyboard or the mouse. It had to be powered off and cold reboot. After reboot everything seems to be running smooth and everybody is happy.

After the next move the server boot up and everything seems to be OK. New e-mails are coming and going. However, all the e-mails since the day of the last move are gone. They are gone for all the users. Users are in panic. Admins have no idea what is going on. The Exchange Management console can not find any messages for the last 12 days.

The cause of the problem was the Continue reading